HONEST MUM REVIEW: Mummy Couture Kimono

I want to chat about one of my favorite mum products from @mummycouture. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy fashion can sometimes be left wanting. The under bump jeans that expose our lovely love handles. The over the bump shorts that roll down after a few attempts at sitting. The overaly exposed breastfeeding tops that leave you feeling like a neon sign in public. And then there’s the fact that our bodies just don’t fit into our old clothes as well as they used to. It can be deflating and detrimental to our confidence. We should feel comfortable and beautiful throughout our pregnancy and the days that follow. Our bodies are going through massive changes that our wardrobe and our waistlines can’t keep up with.

After my first pregnancy, I’ve learnt it’s all about the staples. A few key items that work with every occasion and every change. One of these staples was designed by fellow mum boss Emily from Mummy Couture; a breastfeeding friendly, mum-life friendly kimono, to carry you through pregnancy and beyond. You’ve most likely seen me wearing this little gem countless times in my insta stories. Average kimonos and cover-ups can often feel constrictive and are less than flattering. The Mummy Couture kimono is beautifully lightweight, which is perfect for the upcoming summer. It’s designed to drape and sit longer at the back, providing a gorgeous silhouette and even better coverage. And guys, it has pockets! I have been teaming this beauty up with my famous mum-tum friendly high waist tights and my go-to singlets. But now the weather is warming up, I’ve also been wearing it over my swimmers during our Wet’n’Wild adventures. I took this kimono to Hawaii for our family holiday, and teamed it with shorts for a humidity friendly, mum-tum friendly, island style.

Mum life means I can’t spend as much time pulling my wardrobe apart looking for clothing that, number 1 fits, and number 2, makes me feel good. Staples are the key ladies! And this kimono is certainly one of them.

The Mummy Couture kimonos come in several gorgeous prints ranging from XS to XL. I am wearing a S/M Small Medium.

🛍 SHOP: https://mummycouture.com.au

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BROWN LEOPARD print bolero kimono

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