No body bounces back after baby. This is a myth that sits along side unicorns and husbands who cook without making a mess. Nice idea, but complete and utter bullshit. My body’s changed permanently. No exercise or diet will improve my epic mum-tum. So I’ve had to do something for the first time in my life. I’ve had to accept my body. I’ve treated it poorly in the past. Crash diets. High school eating disorders. Binge eating. But I can’t do that to myself anymore. My body is tired from being a mum, and it needs and deserves to be loved. So how do you go from loathing your body to accepting it…or even loving it?

The first step is LEARN YOUR NEW SIZE. Don’t be in denial that you’ve gone up a size or three post baby. It’s ok, it’s normal and it will fluctuate. If you have no clothes that fit you in the cupboard, then go ahead and wear those high-waisted tights. Be comfortable whilst you’re learning to become a mum. I lived in high-waisted tights for the first 6 months post baby, and that’s ok! And once my swollen post-pregnancy tummy settled, and my new mum-bod began to appear, I had to learn how to dress my new body. And that’s the next step…

LEARN HOW TO DRESS YOUR NEW BODY. That mini skirt, your favorite pair of jeans, it may never fit over your epic mum-tum anymore. It can be deflating, looking in your cupboard and having nothing to wear. So I made the decision to clean out my closet and treat myself to key mum-life friendly pieces. Gone are my Valley Girls days, and getting to Westfield for a shopping trip with a toddler is comparative to climbing Mount Everst. So I did research. I found size inclusive boutiques online that cater for mums like us. Easy, simple, gorgeous fashion for mums. Although I live in activewear during the week, on weekends I’ve finally began to enjoy choosing an outfit and getting dressed up. And this is not because I’ve lost any significant amount of weight. It’s because I have clothing that I know fits my body and is flattering. Being comfortable and feeling beautiful in your clothing is so important for your overall mindset.

Another import step is eating well and EXERCISING. I can’t stress enough how important exercise is, not only for your body, but for your mental health too. We become so busy as mums, we often forget to look after ourselves. Feeling sluggish or exhausted all the time makes me not want to unfold that pram and get out the house. But you must push through this mentality. Moving your body has so many benefits. You feel better, you have more energy, and your body responds to this! Go for a walk to begin with. Join a baby friendly gym. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. You won’t ever regret exercise.

Another curial step is APPRECIATION of your new body. This may take a while achieve, and I’m still struggling with this. Our bodies took upwards of 9 months to create life. We had our tummys forcefully cut open, or we excruciatingly pushed life from our bodies. It’s incredible! Your body is incredible. I believe if we can appreciation this, it will lead onto accepting and eventually loving our mum-bods.

No body bounces back after baby. The only thing that bounces is our saggy boobs, butt and belly. We were blessed enough to have carried a baby and it’s changed our bodies forever. It’s what you do with our body now that counts. Learn how to nourish it. Learn how to dress it. Learn how to challenge it. Learn to accept it. And eventually we will learn to love it.

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Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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