HONEST MUM REVIEW: esmi Skin Minerals

A decade ago I was 21 years old. I went night clubbing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I drank vodka red bulls, and ate midnight kebabs, all before starting work at 8am the next morning. I considered 2 minute noodles a meal and wore Suprè like Paris Hilton’s wannabe clone. I smeared body lotion on my face and wore Impulse as perfume. Now I’m a mum who enjoys a 9pm bedtime, an occasional red wine (or two), and a good pair of high waisted tights. With time comes knowledge and appreciation. A decade ago I didn’t appreciate my body or my skin. I guess this is the power of hind-sight. Now I’m in my 30’s, i’m beginning to acknowledge that my body, my mind and my skin needs more attention and love then it used to.

I therefore treated my self to an early Christmas present last year, and invested in a hydration bundle from esmi Skin Minerals. I suffer from terribly dry facial skin. So dry, the Sahara desert be jealous. I never cleansed my skin because of this. Instead, I over exfoliated every night in the shower to remove my flakey dead skin. This of course was doing more bad then good.

esmi Skin Minerals skincare is mum life friendly!

Using esmi’s range has taught me how to correctly deal with my problem skin for the first time in my life; I now gentally cleanse daily with the Uncomplicated Cleanser, to remove all the sweat, grime and general mum-life yuckiness of the day. After I shower, I immediately hydrate my skin with the Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. I have since invested in the Golden Anti-aging Serum (because I’m 30 something now 🙈), which I use at night. To moisturize, I apply the 24K Gold Nourishing Oil, which also makes the perfect base for make-up for anyone with dry skin. Instead of exfoliating daily, I now use the Exfoliating Charcoal Serum twice a week in the shower. After a few trial runs of my new skin care regime, I found that due to my excessive dry skin, I achieved perfect results by removing the charcoal serum with a store bought exfoliating mit. I also sleep in the Hyaluronic Booster Mask (medium hydration for all skin types) and the Nourishing Booster Mask (heavy hydration, perfect for very dry skin) most nights of the week, to help top my my moisture levels. My skin has quickly become beautifully smooth and hydrated.

I’ve now implemented the Nourishing Booster Mask and Anti-aging Serum into my routine, with incredible results.

After 6 months of trialling all of these products, I can finally apply make-up without worrying about dry spots or flaking skin. I can go make-up free and still look hydrated and flawless. Investing time into my skin has become apart of my #selfcare routine, and we all know how important self care is for us mums.

esmi Skin Minerals skincare is Australian made and cruelty free! Check out their Instagram page at @esmiskinminerals

Visit their website at http://www.esmi.com.au

My favorite product – the 24k Nourishing Oil.

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