To my high school bullies…

To my high school bullies. Are you happy in your life? Right now? I sometimes wonder if you weren’t so happy at school. If perhaps your life was allot tougher than it appeared on the outside. Which is why you took it out on us. The so called losers. The chubby ones. The quirky ones. The weird ones. The different ones. I sometimes wonder if we weren’t so different after all. I wonder if we all had hidden struggles. If we all had hard days. I wonder if we all had to fight for our place in this world.

You see, those moments that you isolated me. That you excluded me. That you called me names or talked behind my back. Those moments didn’t define me. But they did give me something. Those moments gave me strength. For I had to learn to be tenacious and self reliant. Those moments gave me appreciation. For the friendships I did fordge and still have today. Those moments gave me empathy. Not just for those who were also bullied, but for you too. For I often wonder if we both cried the same amount of tears at high school. But you simply hid yours better. Behind beauty. Behind popularity. Behind beautiful boyfriends. Behind your perfection.

I remember wishing I was you. Or at least like you. To fit in. To be wanted. To be admired. To be beautiful. What I didn’t know at the time was this is a journey. And soon enough, in it’s own time, I would have all those things. And more. I’m still very much on this journey. As I’m sure you are too. Isn’t funny that as adults we most likely will meet at the same cross roads. Face the same adversities and challenges. Celebrate the same triumphs and successes. In our own unquiue way. And all that time spent in resentment and anguish at high school still lead us here. To this exact point in time. Where I stand here before you, happy. Successfull. Beautiful. And very much loved.

So my question to you is, are you happy? Right now? Because with everything I’m sure we now have in common, and everything we have both journeyed through, I can honestly and sincerely say, I hope you are.

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Published by lexieking

Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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