Let me be very clear, I love my son more than anything or anyone. I would decline a date with Jason Momoa for him. I would give up chocolate and wine for him. I would give up my literal life for him. He’s my everything. But that doesn’t mean I have to love every ageContinue reading “I DON’T LOVE THIS AGE & YES, I’M WISHING IT AWAY…”

HOW TO START A BLOG – Ordinary Mum Style

I’m regularly asked; how do I start blogging? The simple answer is you’ve just got to start. But in this often complex world of blogging, I feel it can become overwhelming to truly know how, where or why to begin this journey. So I’ve created a guide on how this ordinary mum started a veryContinue reading “HOW TO START A BLOG – Ordinary Mum Style”

The new type of bullying: Mum-shaming

Whilst at our family lunch yesterday, a young group of mums at the table next to us made a comment they thought I would not hear. Or perhaps they didn’t care if I did. It went something like “…there are so many things wrong with that, I don’t even know where to begin”. At firstContinue reading “The new type of bullying: Mum-shaming”

HONEST MUM REVIEW: Capriosca Swimwear

I want to chat about a swimwear lable. Yes mumma, you heard right. Remember those? The lycra, wobbly bits on show, anxiety incorporated outfits we force our poor mum-tums into every holiday or summer. Well guess what? This ordinary mum has found a swimwear lable she can get behind! I’m talking sexy, unapologetic, curvaceous swimwearContinue reading “HONEST MUM REVIEW: Capriosca Swimwear”

Why do we still need feminism?

Why do we still need feminism? I feel like the word itself has been damaged by outdated extremist movements. When some picture a feminist, they envision a stereotype. An angry Germaine Greer type, most likely not wearing antiperspirant, with unshaven arm pits, an ear-piercing voice, bellowing angry words in the face of men. When IContinue reading “Why do we still need feminism?”

A nation, so easily offended…

Let’s chat about political correctness. I recently saw a post from local radio presenter, Emily Jade O’Keffe (102.9 HOT TOMATO). It was a photo of her ridiculously gorgeous boy, out and about with mum & dad, holding and chewing on an empty champagne bottle. The response was largely positive. But of course, with all thingsContinue reading “A nation, so easily offended…”

HONEST MUM REVIEW: esmi Skin Minerals

A decade ago I was 21 years old. I went night clubbing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I drank vodka red bulls, and ate midnight kebabs, all before starting work at 8am the next morning. I considered 2 minute noodles a meal and wore Suprè like Paris Hilton’s wannabe clone. I smeared body lotion onContinue reading “HONEST MUM REVIEW: esmi Skin Minerals”