When is baby number 2 due?

We need to stop asking parents with one child when the next baby is due. I feel like our society puts so much pressure on mums to re-conceive. If it’s not tick-tock your biological clock, it’s the outdated assumption that one baby does not complete a family. To quote a former Federal Treasurer, “have oneContinue reading “When is baby number 2 due?”

HONEST MUM REVIEW: Mummy Couture Kimono

I want to chat about one of my favorite mum products from @mummycouture. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy fashion can sometimes be left wanting. The under bump jeans that expose our lovely love handles. The over the bump shorts that roll down after a few attempts at sitting. The overaly exposed breastfeeding tops that leave you feelingContinue reading “HONEST MUM REVIEW: Mummy Couture Kimono”

The Perfect Mummy Blogger

Ladies, let’s do ourselves a HUGE favour. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to those mummy bloggers. You know the ones. I respect these women, and enjoy allot of their content. However, I sometimes find myself looking at a perfectly staged, perfectly filtered, perfectly perfect photo, and think to myself “I fall short”. These women in noContinue reading “The Perfect Mummy Blogger”

Travelling with Baby: Waikiki Edition

This is realistic guide for all mums and dads who are bravely going where many parents have gone before, and instantly regretted it … on holidays with an infant baby! So strap yourself in, and let’s trundle through my messy success story of travelling with my 7 month old baby to Waikiki, Hawaii! What toContinue reading “Travelling with Baby: Waikiki Edition”

20 things I’ve learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood.

1. I can’t remember what my old life was like. Literally. I’m so f@cking tired I can’t remember! 2. I’ve never appreciated a fart until now. Hearing one come from your wind trapped baby is music to my ears! #fartappreciation 3. There’s nothing better then a solid 75 minute sleep at night. 4. My husbandContinue reading “20 things I’ve learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood.”

Can I speak to a man, please?

“Can I speak to a man please?”; I am asked this by customers every damn day. See…I run a mechanical workshop. Yes…an actual testosterone filled, 50 degree heat on a good day, steal capped boots essential, down right greasy mechanical workshop. For those of you who don’t know, a mechanical workshop is that bizzar, incomprehensibleContinue reading “Can I speak to a man, please?”