The Perfect Mummy Blogger

Ladies, let’s do ourselves a HUGE favour. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to those mummy bloggers. You know the ones. I respect these women, and enjoy allot of their content. However, I sometimes find myself looking at a perfectly staged, perfectly filtered, perfectly perfect photo, and think to myself “I fall short”. These women in no way intend to make us feel this way. But we are creatures of habit, and it’s in our nature to compare ourselves and judge ourselves harshly. We MUST remind ourselves, we see only a fraction of their lives. A small, tiny, little fraction.

Let’s reality check: that well-organized cupboard sponsored by IKEA was probably pulled apart but a toddler only moments after completion. The matching mum and baby outfit pictured in that well-lit, very well posed photo, was most likely covered in spew by that afternoon. That “super simple” daily skin care routine, involving 17 over-priced products, only happens like once a week, because what mum has time? That incredibly tidy house, with the matching monochrome furniture, was likely covered in toys and biscuit crumbs instantly after that photo was taken. That perfect selfie, with immaculate make-up and on-point smile, is probably hiding a sleep deprived mum on the edge of a minor breakdown. Professional bloggers may share some of this, but certainly not all. It’s their job to stage beautiful photos in order to achieve whatever it is they wanting to achieve; sponsorship, promotion, brand development.

I know that for me, I blog because I want connect and I want to write. Writing has been a huge part of my life. I wrote my first novel when I was 24, and I want this to lead onto more content writing or even a proper writing gig. Most of us follow bloggers or write blogs in order to connect, share and feel a little less alone in this crazy world of parenting. If you haven’t got 24k followers, don’t compare your instagram account to someone that does. If you haven’t got a seamless instagram feed, or perfectly staged photos, that’s ok too! We need to keep it real in order to stay true to why we do this in the first place. I want to see the make-up free, over tired, slightly unmaintained mummas. I want to read about your mum-fails and your mum-tripumps. I want to sympathize, empathize, learn, interact and connect. You can’t always do this with 24k followers. You can’t always write great content if you are more focused on meticulously staging photos.

Mummy bloggers and followers, if you can take anything away from this, take this: you are every bit as perfect, beautiful and balanced as those other mummy instagramers. You do not fall short. We are all going through this crazy, tiring, sometimes thankless, journey together. And my dining table is covered in laund

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Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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