A nation, so easily offended…

Let’s chat about political correctness. I recently saw a post from local radio presenter, Emily Jade O’Keffe (102.9 HOT TOMATO). It was a photo of her ridiculously gorgeous boy, out and about with mum & dad, holding and chewing on an empty champagne bottle. The response was largely positive. But of course, with all things on social media, the negative comments ensued.

I have a similar photo of myself, aged 4 , sitting on my poppy’s lap, sucking on a XXXX bottle, with a lit cigarette mere centimeters from my head. I cherish this photo. And yes, social ideologies have, of course, progressed since the early 90s. But I’m yet to see the harmful impacts this scenario has yielded on my life. All I see is perfect moment captured, a memory, a funny, harmless, childhood photo.

There is a social movement on here of late, to be more mindful of associating mum-life and alcohol consumption. I understand the fundamentals of this movement. For those who suffer from alcoholism, seeing mums drink on social media may trigger underlying disorders. I get it. There is a “culture” associated with mums and wine. Coming from a family who suffer from alcoholism, I see the association between what we see here, on social media, and how it affects our behaviour off social media. I am still educating myself on this recent movement.

But at some point, we need to just stop. Stop being so precious and easily offended. Stop seeing the bad instead of the good. Stop using a keyboard to vent our frustrations. We are a nation so easily offended these days. The simple mention of #metoo, or vegans, or religion, or #prolife, or Trump, sends peoples ability to be offended into the stratosphere. Gone are the days where Australian’s were embraced as larikins. Easy going. Laid back. We are all so tightly wound, I only need to say something like “Julie Bishop would make an incredible Prime Minister”, and the figurative rubber band would snap. I would lose followers. My child would receive threats. This is our modern, offended, PC society. An opinion is now considered a fact, and everyone is a authority on the subject.

The simple matter is that even this post will offend people. But NEWS FLASH: My opinion will always offend someone. We all have hugely different personalities. And thank-god we do! How boring life would be if we all believed the same thing.

I don’t know how we stop being so easily offended. But what we can do is be more kind. If you’re unable to take somones opinion, or post, or photo with a grain of salt, simply move on with your life. If you are offended by somones content, move on. Or find value in your divergence. For opinions are like assholes…

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Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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